Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an auto broker? How much will it cost me? Where are you located? What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Find the answers to these and all of our frequently asked questions.

Why should you use an auto broker?
Think of an auto broker simply as a premium level of personalized service with no price premium. How does that work? A good auto broker has access to the best cars and financing options. A great auto broker does all of this in a professional manner while making sure you know that your exact goals are always in mind.
Top reasons to work with an Auto Broker:​
  • Unlike a car dealer, we work to meet your exact needs. We work for you the car buyer. We don’t work for a car lot.
  • A good auto broker is able to source the best cars from anywhere. In fact, because we partner with a trusted auto dealer, we have better access to cars than you do.
  • An auto broker considers all of your goals (not just for the car you are purchasing), but also your financial goals. we like to know that our client’s lives are better off after they have worked with us.
  • We offer more and better financing options than you are used to finding at a traditional dealership. We often save people more money with great, low interest loans than they save on the vehicle!
  • Wouldn’t you like to back-to-back test drives of different models at the same time and the same place? We can do that! This means no hassles and a lot of time saved for you.
  • We are in tune with what is the best bang-for-the buck for your specific vehicle needs. An auto broker is constantly aware of what the market is doing, not just for one make, but for all brands, new and used. Things change every month- let us clue you in to what the best options currently are.
How much do you charge?
We do not have a cost that we add on to any vehicle. We provide the car to you with our compensation included and we are so sure that you will be happy that we’ve found the best car at a great price for you, that most of our clients come to us as repeat business or referrals. We do our job well and treat our clients right. That’s the foundation of a good business. Also, auto brokers can help just about anyone. You don't have to live in the lap of luxury in order to benefit from an auto broker.
How long does the process take?
Well, it depends on your needs, but we can usually help you get in the right car within a week or two, sometime within a day or two. If you come to us with a short list of vehicles that you’ve already tested, we can start work on sourcing those vehicles almost immediately. But, if you’ll let us, we are going to make sure we don’t miss any cars that just might work better for you.
I have really poor credit or no credit at all. ​
We love a challenge! In fact, we have an in-house broker with financing options for all. It’s easy to find out your options- feel free to call us or email us to learn more.
What if I still owe money on my trade-in vehicle? ​
That’s a very common situation and one that we are very good at seamlessly completing for you. All we will need is a few details about who your loan is with and we can help you figure out what might work best for you.
Where are you located?
Our office is in Greenwood Village, just off of Arapahoe Parkway. Sound too far for you? Let us know where you live and we can coordinate a time and place to meet that works for you. If you live in the Denver metro area, near Colorado Springs or up into the mountains, we can easily help. If you live further North or South along the Front Range, feel free to contact us and we can direct you to one of our trusted colleagues.
What is the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything?